Glenda Kay Jones

Studio Owner

Originally from San Angelo, Texas, Glenda’s childhood love of art developed into a professional passion in the early seventies. She is a self-taught artist inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, among others. She paints with acrylics and in watercolor and has most recently begun creating fused glass art and jewelry. Her passion led to her owning five art galleries in Texas over the last 28 years. She currently owns SOHO Studio and Gallery in Denison,  Texas.

Betty Adams

An artist with a background in geology, Betty has an energetic affinity with stones which her jewelry creations reflect, and are carried in boutiques near her home, the mystical Sedona AZ.

Alison Serwetz

Alison Serwetz is a driven artist, designer, and product manager who is innovative and consistently creates the curve for fashion trends. Her extensive knowledge of gemstones and jewelry allows her to create custom pieces for any occasion.

She received her BFA from the University of North Texas, one of the top Fashion schools in the country after running her own Boutique, Wild Lotus, for years. Alison also has an unparalleled knowledge of the channels needed to carry an inspiration from initial concept to the final product, such as sourcing, inventory, and product placement.

cory allan brown

Cory Brown lives and paints in Portland, Oregon. Creating art since 1999, he has developed various techniques and styles over the years using mostly acrylics. His work can be described as sometimes organic symmetry, and sometimes maps of expression and he is currently showing in SOHO Studio and Gallery in Denison, TX.

m. gracie jones

Feeling deeply grateful for the opportunity to study and  train extensively in various healing arts and systems with realized masters. I have a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese medicine, Five Element Astrologer, and in Brazilian Shamanism, Certified Chinese and Western Herbalist, Medical Intuitive, Cranial Sacral, NLP, Chi Nei Tsang, and Hypnotherapy.  I continue to practice as a Medical Intuitive and Energy Worker with my background as a Reiki Master and five element practitioner.  I currently lead Meditation in community settings and teach a seasonal class called "Healing With the Seasons," at Earth Medicine School in California.

I am currently writing and creating art pieces to celebrate love, beauty, and truth and for what healing it may catalyze.

Denise barnes

I was raised  in Anchorage, Alaska by artistic parents who gave me an early appreciation of art, music, cooking and crafts. Now living in rural North Carolina, I have the time to explore different forms of art, from making walking sticks, embellishing gourds, jewelry making and sculpture. My present passion consists of using seed beads to create a sense of mosaic in my art pieces. I am currently showing in SOHO Studio and Gallery in Denison, TX.

Derek Rushing

Derek Rushing, 55, has been refinishing furniture for many years and recently started representing the abstract mind on paper and canvas.


He is currently a teacher in California, husband, father, and grandfather has found a rebirth of intellect in this TRANSCENDENTAL WORLD. The Rushing family tree is filled with a myriad of masterly versatile artistans.

Marjel Jones

Born in California and raised in Alaska, I’ve always had a passion for photography. My husband’s knowledge of birds awakened in me an awareness and appreciation of these delicate creatures. My desire to capture their beauty as well as the beauty of all God’s creation, has been my motivation. My philosophy is taken from Philippians 4:8 which in part says “...whatsoever things are pure and lovely, think on these things”.